Sunday, September 7, 2014

Review of 'The White' EP By Agalloch

I have always been so fond of acoustics, being a pro-crustie it sounds lil awkward but still I really love good music. Again I have Agalloch here, like there are somethings that can be called as mandatory and this band is surely be one of them: underrated, progressive, creative, soothing, melancholy, meaningful and last but not the least blend of beautifully composed guitars. As a atmospheric/dark/neo-folk addict; this is like heaven.
'The White' is the band's fourth EP released in 2008 but actually recorded in between 2004 to 2007, unlike the previous EP 'The Grey' which contains only two instrumentals and not so impressive, this one surely be a class apart. Agalloch is considered to be one of those bands that are always be so anticipated because of their avant-garde nature. Well, lets come back to the review thing, this EP was restricted to 2000 copies only and released via Vendlus Records. It contains seven tracks out of which three are instrumental (or more) because of the extensive use of acoustics and long solos.

The songs "The Isle of Summer," "Summerisle Reprise," and "Sowilo Rune" contain samples from the 1973 film 'The Wicker Man'. "Birch White" in which several quotes spoken by actor Christopher Lee are used. While spoken dialogue in music can usually be annoying, things work very well here; bestowing upon the music, an unsettling, existential theme. Here it features vocalist John Haughm reciting the poem "Birch Tree" by A.S.J. Tessimond (info taken from Meallum).
I must say John Haughm is the man who writes, plays, composes what he feels through the sorroundings, something that's hidden just like a cauldron of light which makes everyone to look towards it when in dark but few can see the nocturnal darkness which has something that can't be explained.

To me this is more like an instrumental extended-play, I really appreciate the supporting melody of keyboards, Jews harp, goat horn, well there are number of different instruments that have used and make this masterpiece. The cave voice by Victoria Knippschild is just the way it needs. What can I say about acoustics, simply out of this planet. The cryptic harmony is sentenced.
Not a typical work, it is esoteric.

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