Saturday, January 4, 2014

Review of Hate Me by Children Of Bodom

As I read out some reviews and got some mixed opinions about this particular song. So I decided to review this in particular to my own opinion and taste. I don't think that i
While listening it there is blend of black metal vocals along with some growls and obviously heavy distortion. Alexi did great as a guitarist and vocalist both. The melodic touch of keyboard playing in background sounds epic also the backing vocals. Solo is good though. All I have to say is this nearly five minute clocking is worth to listen. I know this is different from the usual COB stuff but this is not bad at all though.
One thing that is ruining the song is misplaced keyboard , which is the most dominating instrument in the whole song.
It is supposed to be a bad effort from the band. But yes , It does sound over-melodic , the song kicks off with a keyboard touch which led to the intro and then the guitar riffs. Many people consider this as a melodic death metal track.

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