Saturday, January 4, 2014

Review of Opeth's Damnation

Well firstly I want to say, I am a progressive rock follower so this album is like a treat for me. The album is the first radical departure from the band's usual death metal influence and leading them to the old-school 70's psychedelic/progressive way. The album sounds much softer than their previous recordings having clean vocals with prominent sound of acoustic guitar, the use of polyphonic keyboard and no such heavy riffs included. Moreover the song structures are very much similar to the progressive rock acts like Porcupine Tree and like that.

The album is truly a masterclass, I can say that Steven Wilson overshadowed his 'Post-Progressive' ((I love Steven Wilson's stuff so I better use this particular word to describe his music sense) influence on the record which sounds good. Well as far as the experimental kind work concern, despite the change of style and sound (notably extended fast tempo and short-length songs)  this one truly nailed. Electric/Acoustic guitar shows a brilliant impact (Mikael knows where to get the most of it). The song "Windowpane" is just like close the eyes and feel it inside. "Hope Leaves" and "In My Time Of Need" have some finest bass sound that I feel. There is a instrumental "Ending Credits" and without giving credit to this tune the review would be incomplete, a pure blend of Jazz-influenced guitar work.

At the end, the damn thing behind is many would remote it negatively (mostly death metal fans) because it doesn't suit their taste as the usual Opeth sounds but yet you can praise them by giving an applause in the way they oriented a step towards creativity.

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