Friday, February 28, 2014

Review of Irtiqa by Entity Paradigm

E.P. was the name which due to some reasons or may be conflicts couldn't come up more on mainstream. Many call them posers (as they copied the style of many western alternative/nu metal acts such as Linkin Park , Staind etc.), But I personally think they sound unique with some great tunes to listen. Started as two separate acts Entity & Paradigm in Lahore, later both become unit. The band mainly sounds very experimental, specially when the concern is lyrics. Irtiqa was their only full-length that released in 2003. It is not so common to have a concept-album idea but this one truly manages to focus on the concept of what they want to produce. 'Irtiqa' means evolution (In urdu it mainly uses to elaborate the evolution of mankind). I got to know this band in later 2004 through some radio station and the first song was 'Waqt' & I was like its really some sort of awesome work-out. I am true art fan so album cover inspires me much & 'Irtiqa' really depicts a hypothetical sketch of fetus who hasn't born yet. The cover leads the song pattern on the similar manner creating a imagination of struggle and austere of life. Kicking off with 'Irtiqa I' which is the crying of a newly born child that shows two main things, the concept and the progress that is now follwed till death. After that each song has a unique blend and texture, concerning the versatile compostion. The album sounds an alternative rock album. The composition includes uses of synths some sort of programmed melodies that really creates an unusual and good effect. 'Waqt' , 'Hamesha' & 'Aaghosh' are my favourites. If you are a Linkin Park fan then 'Hamesha' and ' 'Waqt' gives you the true style of them. Xulfi is one great guitarist, what he creates is just speechless, the rhythm tone and then the lead comes. 'Aghosh' is the beast song by them from my side emphasizing the lyrical theme of homeland. I recommend this album to all those who really want to listen something experimental. A good listen from my side!

Fawad Khan along with Ahmed Butt & Xulfi blends a good vocal trio. In the end, bands like Aaroh, Call (early) & E.P., are those which created the rock scene in Pakistan more effectively but unfortunately all later disbanded. Fawad making his 'Zindagi Gulzaar'. While other band members linked with their own side projects. But Xulfi still manages to alarm up the rock scene by supervising Nescafe Basement which is a rousing podium for the underground young talents to emerge.

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