Monday, June 23, 2014

Black Satan.... My KH-2

My KH-2 is not LTD, it is ESP. Chinese made (don't know the year). The guitar comes with glossing black finish also it has 24 jumbo frets, skull-inlays, thin neck (neck contour is very smooth), Floyd Rose bridge, locking nut, three-way pick selector, two tone control and one master volume knob; a set of EMG 60/81 pick-ups which I think is not active in my guitar because I see no battery compartment in the back. So for sure it is passive, something like EMG HZ. But whatever it does sound bad-ass.

This guitar is a beast. I play metal mostly (death/progressive/thrash) but also some blues/neo-classical/hard rock/grunge/jazz type stuff and it suits me in most cases but I use my Fender Stratocaster for playing blues etc. I can get every sound from it from classic Guns N' Roses to Slayer to Gojira. Clean, twang, punk to dirty real dirty. My signal chain goes to Zoom G1 Next and then to Yamaha TG-25; I also use Line 6 Spider IV 30. As an amateur bedroom guitarist, it really fits the way I play. The guitar is never noisy but earlier when I get it along with poor cables, it gave me buzz and hum while the guitar is not playing but soon when I replaced it with a better one - the problem wiped out. 

Well, when I decided to buy this satan; the first thing inspired me was the finish and the skull-inlays which give it a brutal look. The black finish is so fascinating No doubt one of the finest ESP ever made. The main con was the action; the tone knob was erasing the sound due to loose controls which I later get it fixed along with adjusting the truss inside, rather everything was perfect. The neck contour finish till the neck is so smooth. The classic golden ESP logo on the headstock looks great.

Yus, for sure I can depend upon it, though I have never gigged with it but still I can trust on this. Playing this for the last four months and I can surely say it will never bend me down. The durability (finish, sound, everything blah blah blah!) depends upon the handling and care, just don't abuse it and it will stay with you till your death. I clean it after each play and also cleans the fretboard once in two-months with lemon oil (yes, I do love to take care this baby). Strap buttons are solid and it gives a good sustain.

I had three choices at the time of buying this guitar: Ibanez GIOJackson Warrior and Epiphone Les Paul Standard and now I can say, it was one of my finest purchase ever. Sounds epic, looks brutal, suits my metal-head playing style so what I shall need any more? I am also willing to buy ESP M-10 (passion for guitars - reason). If anything bad happen to this, I will probably never unwind myself. It is like a companion for me now. Every time I play, it puts smile on my face. Best for shredding and solo type stuff.

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