Thursday, June 26, 2014

Review of 'Rewarded with Ingratitude / Infernal Hatred' split by In-Quest/Sarcastic Terror


Greek death metal? OSDM? Well I couldn't get enough of the Scandinavian & Florida based OSDM shits! I may have checked out many Greek death metal acts (which are mostly of the new-wave) but old-school; right now Dismaed's 1995 demo 'Messages from the Place of the Dead' and Decay's 1992 demo tape 'Ceremonial Torture'  and last but not the least there was a band called 'Nocturnal Death,' (I don't remember any release of them but still got to have their name because of  the grind masters 'Naplam Death') are coming in my mind & now here I have Sarcastic Terror's split with one of my good-name Belgian act 'In-Quest' to write about. I came across this split called 'Rewarded with Ingratitude / Infernal Hatred' back some years when I was giving a listen to the 'In-Quest' discogs. It was released in September 1995 and contains four tracks; one by 'In-Quest' called 'Rewarded with Ingratitude' which was also appeared in their demo 'Xylad Valox' released back in the same year & three by 'Sarcastic Terror' among two of them: 'Intro' & 'Putrescence' were appeared in their self-titled demo, released back in 1992 only 'The Last Act of Subsidence' by them was newly recorded.

I mainly reviewing 'Sarcastic Terror' so 'In-Quest' shall not be in here. Starts with the recording; it wasn't recorded precisely there's alot humming in the back, I don't know the format of release but still like the vintage style. OSDM is always remain the most in my playlist and for eveyone who loves the kvlt way should have this split. If you really tote Xysma or Baphomet sick shits then this split is for you. Guitar along with the blast-beats and the same vintage style of death metal, you still can't get enough of it. Unfortunately with no valid reason, the band soon gone hiatus and later split-up. It was their last recording and I haven't seen any of their personnel formed any other badn except for their guitarist who was in 'Nocturnal Death' and some other local underground bands.

In the last, when it comes to the favourite one so it would be ' Putrescense' although the song has a coherent pattern but still it does kick-ass headbanging stuff with crushing riffs and heavy blast-beats, ‘The Last Act of Subsidence’ is one sick track and heavy as fuck, I love the rhythm pattern also I want to add-in that this split acts as a main influence for brutal death metal due to the fade-up growls. In this split there is no neo-classical influenced solo as you can have in like Obituary's Cause Of Death or Dismember's Dreaming In Red. Highly recommended for a DM freak! not for the core-kind punks!

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