Friday, May 29, 2015

Sepultura's Arise (1991)

Well I think thrash is against all the masquerade behind the hypocrisy, the testical egoistic morons & not the very least against all odds. The 'old' Brazilian outfit with Cavalera bros. know this shit very well and they did transform all their expression with their critically acclaimed lyrics; incorporates mainly with anti-corruption,  anti-fascism and I think they had predicted many things coming to the future and what would be the outcome! I'll come to the point shortly about that. This album is my all-time personal favorite. I just couldn't get enough of it. One of baddest shit in the thrash. There are/were few bands who make their own peculiar sound or tone with crushing riffs, dexterous creative solos, tribal influenced drumming with fast gallops and blast beats, brutal dry savage vocals and lyrics that describes the 'inside' - that is Sepultura. You never omit them, listening is edict. 

Before going towards the album actually, I want to put some words about the band itself. Sepultura has quite a complex kind of genre history. Started as a death metal act had have lyrical themes dealt with Satanism i.e. Bestial Devastation (1985), Morbid Visions (1986), Schizophrenia (1987); followed by thrash metal elements with Beneath The Remains (1989), Arise (1991); then Chaos A.D (1993) brought a pre-bell to a disaster that came in the form of Roots (1996) because simply the band went nuts by changing towards nu metal and blah blah! Another unfortunate thing happened was the departure of the front man Mr. Max Cavalera, the man behind Sepultura. For me, Sepultura was dead the day he left the band and soon after his brother Igor did the same thing but because of the 'creativity differences' or whatever. Damn!

After listening Arise predecessor, I wasn't expecting Beneath the Remains part II but still the sound is something Deja-vu but an improved compositional skill along with lyrics explaining the anecdote of the sterile world. The album kicks off with 'Arise', a potent track describing the victims of the warfare like "Terrorist confrontation/Cities fall in ruin/Victims of war, seeking some salvation/Why must we die?”; strong vocals, Andreas' dive bomb, harmonics enriched solo is praisable. 'Dead Embryonic Cells' with 'Laboratory sickness/Infects humanity/No hope for cure/Die by technology' is another hit against the posers and dumbs ruining the humanity and yus what they said, happened and happening like Union Carbide incident, Chernobyl disaster and countless. Children 'born with pain/Suffer remains'. Here I hail 'Desperate Cry', powerful yet exposure of anger, nocturnal intro with rhythm that besiege heads, strong alternate picking and what we here is 'Desperate Cryyyyy'. Followed by 'Murder', 'Subtraction' and 'Altered State' with some traditional tribal elements that can contrast the cultural impact and some 'experimental' tone that you may feel. 'Under Siege (Regnum Irae)' is where I find that there is something lagging here with most of the usual rhythm patterns and less vocals but overall not that bad. 'Meaningless Movements' & 'Infected Voice' are the last two closing tracks. Many say that the album in whole have a usual pattern which they follow and so I completely disagree. Technically speaking, Igor has a vast range of gallop patterns blended with the tribal style, Max's rhythm stuff is broad each have a different pattern, Andreas' usage of scales like the minor, Locrian mode, harmonic minor etc. with chromatic notes and a very good right hand technique makes each solo lustful.

The epilogue is without Cavalera - there's no Sepultura. No offence!

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