Monday, June 29, 2015

The best thing came after French Fries.....

The first interaction with Gojira was with "Love" and I was like WTF! Is this from the debut one? This thing is massive heavy. Progressive as well as technical death metal influence brought a brutal experimental package. The best thing is the non-linear composition of songs which is quite interesting, environmental friendly lyrical theme which is quite unusual yet impressive. The noticeable thing is the weird but heavy as fuck riffs but no solo at all so it is not the shredding enriched album (for those who thought some stuff similar to Necrophagist), technical drumming (Mario made his name big apart from being a painter), Bass is what many says the most under-dominant thing and has a usual effect parallel to support guitar and drums but here it is in the foreground. I hear less Joe's vocals and more chugg chugaga chugg! "Space Time". "Love" and "In the Forest" are the foreground images in this album. I feel an enormous nocturnal silence after listening these in headphones. "Lizard Skin" has gay style riffing but intro is good though. "Clone" is my favorite along with some other songs, simply a great opening track that overshadows the forthcoming tracks. "In the Forest" has a silence in between and after that a hidden track.

Overall, the album has an atmospheric thing rousing in between the compositions. Unique style, weird patterns and a blend of heavy alternate picking with pinch harmonics along with chugging like fuck along with kick-ass drumming and thick bass overcomes the cheesy growl/screamo. The beast thing comes after French Fries is Gojira.


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  1. Well what to say about it has been amazing hearing experience as said above really worth something listening to.Especially the bass, feels like sledge hammer banging to your head with imperial sound...others sound vanishes away as you enter this world...truly an amazing experince of hearing..!


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