Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Most Horrible Way of Representing Beauty...

Uaral, the moment when I listened their sacred music I came to aware that life is more austere than death. The duo combined the real feelings, the real emotions and all the grief with their heart. This is soul touching music. In my opinion, unclassifiable. Uaral is love not lust. I seriously don't have words to describe the music. Something coming from the dark melancholy woods with swamps around the lake of tears and the mist around with a cold silence, nocturnal. The Chilean country-side and Uaral himself had inspired Aciago & Caudal so much that they inherited the mentor’s heritage in their veins and transformed in the form of their compositions.

"Sounds of Pain..." is the band's debut full-length. The lyrical theme mostly deals with sorrow, nature and experience of life with the use of classical Latin acoustic style guitar, flute and piano creates a mournful atmosphere. Much of the music in the album has a long passage of mixed instruments mainly acoustics and less vocals. The vocals are deep guttural growls creates a strong doom/death metal influence also Empyrium's Schwadorf style clean singing creates folk/atmospheric black metal environment. The songs also has laments, crying and all the bemoaning. I just lost in the chants, the whispering winds and the sound of rains. The sound varies with a non-linear song structure throughout the album.

This thing is a masterpiece. A perfect piece of depressive yet progressive music. Do read the interview of the duo on their un-official website. It sounds like souls are talking not humans. Bunch of thanks to the Iranian fans for making the website.
The epilogue is, listen this on a cold frosty night with full moon. You will be pleased. One of the best blend of doom/black/folk.

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