Friday, April 29, 2016

Spectral Lore - Gnosis (EP/2015)

Lycinna is the belle of Gnosis and this was the reason of having my first introduction with Spectral Lore and I found this one as a good avant-garde-instrumental-ambient-atmospheric-post-black-metal "album". I might be biased in writing this review but honestly this is my cup of tea although, I shall maintain a balanced momentum here and won't over specified it. If you like atmospheric black metal/folk metal then this might become a good taste for you. 
Giving a conceptual instrumental album might be a tough thing but Ayloss did an inventive job in creating the atmosphere of this album. This is a 50 min EP which gives you chills for sure, only if you feel that atmosphere. Traditional Greek music influences the whole album and this is what allure me the most due to the similarity I felt with having an imagination of a nomad of the Northern coast of Pakistan playing a Bouzouki or Rubab in a cold frosty night. Gnosis have some of the most lead-esque rhythm guitar playing with a good use of Harmonic Minor and this is really good but overshadowed the whole album, there are the same oscillating rhythm patterns throughout this album but I think Ayloss wanted to have a connectivity, after all it depends upon the taste and nature of composition to balance the overall atmosphere of the album.

I want to link the third and the last instrumental in a comparative manner according to my understanding, Averroes (Ibne Rushd) was a philosopher and a polymath in Islamic history and considered as the one who spreads secular mindset, defended the rational reasoning and gave the actual meaning of Secularism back then which unfortunately still misunderstood as a synonym with Atheism which sounds ridiculous but this is what I personally observed. Aleppo is burning under the anti-Rushd mindset and that's why it is the epilogue of this album. Hence, "Averroes' Search" is actually for the revival of the forgotten "Aleppo".

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