Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Katatonia - The Fall of Hearts (2016)

So, “The Fall of Hearts” is finally here. Since, the release of the two singles “Old Heart Falls” and “Serein”, I was anticipating this album so much. I’ve found one thing with Katatonia, from “Last Fair Deal Gone Down” they have never been deviated from their formula but this thing either makes the sound deja-vu or may be new-new. Here, I feel a new wave of Katatonia though there is no such uniqueness in this album but still Moilanen and Ojersson brought a good contribution. The key highlight that I have observed is about the guitar tone, the rhythms are not the chuggs nor much vicious but smooth and lead-esque. They never really focus much on the solos/leads but in this album the tone is marvelous. The little harmonies in the background are just toothsome, percussion and acoustic combinations are very fascinating, keyboard and effects work are also appreciable in this album and this is what giving each song a new atmosphere. All applause to Ojersson for the solos as well as to Nystrom for the rhythm part. As always, Renkse maintains a well-balanced vocal combination with all the vocal effects.

Tool, Porcupine Tree and Opeth influence truly have overshadowed in this album and the impact is prominent and reflects. Katatonia mean low spirits and yes, that’s true but to me, this album is the most “Progressive” among the Katatonia’s discography. This is not depressive rock at all. The lyrical themes are somewhat bleak and only “Decima” can be described as gloomy among other songs. The way this band had improvised their classics in “Sanctitude”, I expected there would be something big coming from them and now with this solid addition, it has been proved. 

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